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In cooperation with Suzuki School of Elgin, the parent organization, Suzuki Plus, provides avenues of communication within the program, scholarships, fundraising, performing, and more. Their functions are briefly described below.



Performing is a natural outgrowth of learning in a Suzuki program. Some of the benefits are listed below:

       1.  Confidence building  of each student

       2.  Social opportunity & cohesiveness  of the group

       3.  Input into the community

       4.  Opportunity to play with various media

       5.  Versatility of playing

       6.  Public awareness of Suzuki education

In order to maintain the standard of performance at a level that enables the group to accomplish these benefits, the following standards must be followed by any student who performs with SSE .

       1.  Be in regular attendance at group classes

       2.  Be at any given rehearsals called for a given performance

       3.  Meet the standards of performance dress for a given concert

       4.  Once committed to a given performance, does not renege


Performance Dress

Concert dress is given below and will be used for the majority of playing engagements. Any variation from this will be given to the students by the program director.

            GIRLS: black velour performance shirt; black sequined belt; and black skirts provided by Suzuki Plus; black flat shoes and black stockings; no jewelry or nail polish; hair must be away from face. 

            BOYS: white long-sleeved tuxedo shirt; tie; and black vest provided by Suzuki Plus; black dress slacks; black shoes; and socks; Hair must be away from face.

For printable concertwear rental guidelines, click here.



In order to encourage students and parents to participate in Suzuki workshops and to recognize that participants in workshops expend extra effort, Suzuki Plus has a partial scholarship program available for each student.


A scholarship year begins with the fall semester of SSE and continues to the beginning of the following fall semester. Scholarship forms must be submitted by October 1st of each year for the previous year's workshops. Suzuki institutes and other music camps are considered for scholarships. Any questions concerning whether or not a workshop is considered will be determined by the Suzuki Plus Board of Directors.


To qualify:

       1.  Student must attend repertoire classes regularly*

       2.  Family must participate in fundraisers

       3.  Suzuki Plus dues must be paid for the year


Institute Scholarships

Suzuki Plus encourages attendance at weekend and summer institutes. A percentage of the tuition will be paid by Suzuki Plus to families meeting the criteria listed below.


       1.  Student must attend repertoire classes regularly*

       2.  Family must participate in fundraisers

       3.  Suzuki Plus dues must be paid for the year


       1.  Student must attend repertoire classes regularly*

       2.  Family must participate in fundraisers

       3.  Family member must be an active participant on a Suzuki Plus committee

       4.  Suzuki Plus dues must be paid for the year

Half-tuition is based on TUITION fee only; registration fees, room and board, or  any other fees  are not included.

(* Regular attendance is defined as being present at 3 out of 4 classes per month at minimum, and being at the entire class session.)


Senior Scholarships

Suzuki Plus will award a $500.00 scholarship for graduating seniors toward tuition to the educational institution of the student's choice based on the following requirements:

       1.  Recipients must be active participants by -

                a. regularly attending repertoire classes.

                b. participating in a majority of  performances

                c. participate in Suzuki Plus fundraisers

                d. attend a preparatory meeting scheduled by Suzuki Plus.

       2.  Recipients must be enrolled for at least five (5) years in the SSE program.

       3.  Interested students must be prepared to perform on a solo program or   Spring Concert.

       4.  Each student must declare the institution attending before monies will be released. Any student delaying enrollment will have monies held by Suzuki Plus up to two (2) years from high school graduation date. After that time, the scholarship is forfeited and monies remain with Suzuki Plus.

       5.  Lack of student preparation for solo playing or non-compliance with any of the above may result in loss of scholarship.


Additional Enrichments


A newsletter called The Write Note is a means of program information, creative expression, musical knowledge, student recognition and events within the SSE program and the community. Contributions of articles, artwork and ideas are welcome from students, parents and others.  The newsletter is sent via email.



There will be fund-raisers each year. Other monies may come from performances or functions voted on by the Suzuki Plus Board of Directors.


Spring Concert

An annual program including all students takes place in the spring. All students will play the literature that he/she knows as "polished pieces", and must know all selections programmed to that point. Each student will be in concert dress. Suzuki Plus is the sponsor and promoter of the program.



Any performing trips are subject to the standards listed under "Performing". The administration of such trips will be handled by Suzuki Plus.



A library of books,  videos, games, CD's, and computer  programs are available to parents and students in the SSE program. Items may be checked out at the Music House by families enrolled in the  program.



A variety of activities are arranged for SSE students and their families throughout the year.



Photos and articles on SSE concerts and function will be kept for future reference. Publicity will also put out press releases in local newspapers as well as advertise upcoming concerts and programs that are open to the public.